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This page contains answers to common questions handled by our support staff, along with some tips and tricks that we have found useful and presented here as questions.


bulletI purchased but did not receive an unlock code, Why not?
bulletDo I have to pay for updates?
bulletHow do I purchase this as a gift?
bulletI reinstalled and now it will not accept my unlock code?



I purchased but did not receive an unlock code, Why not?

Chances are you didn't follow the instructions during the purchase. Immediately following the purchase the instructions are provided for generating an unlock code. These are provided via a web page after returning from paying for the unlock code if the purchase clears immediately (which it usually does), they are also provided in a confirmation email which is sent out once the purchase clears (if your email deletes it there isn't anything I can do), and third they can be found by revisiting the purchase page and scrolling to the bottom and following the confirmation link there. Here is a link to the page as well: Unlock Code Generation Page

If you did not save the purchase information with the required invoice id then you can go back to your paypal account and review the purchase details to locate the invoice id. Be sure that you locate the invoice id and not one of the Paypal transaction IDs. The transaction numbers will not work.

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Do I have to pay for updates?

I do not and never have guaranteed that updates will ever be done or that they will be free. I cannot guarantee that I will always be able to determine what changes are required for updates since I have no control over what changes the game designers make and am not supplied with any documentation by them on the changes. (Changes always require testing a new expansion "After" it is released and then attempting to decipher what changes have been made to the data)

For over 2 years up until the Pets Expansion all updates were provided free for this site (Much longer if the SimEnhancer programs for the original game are also included). For the Pets expansion though an Update charge is necessary for those that purchased a previous version which will apply to at least the Pets compatibility update and if/when compatibility updates become available for the upcoming Weather expansion then it will also apply to them.

Please keep in mind that both the programs and updates on this site are done on a for profit basis and therefore they must stay profitable to continue to be available. The decision to charge or not for any updates is based upon the programs staying profitable through new sales.

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How do I purchase this as a gift?

Purchases made as gifts are the same as any other purchase. Purchase it just like you would for yourself and then forward the instructions for generating the unlock code to the person you are buying it for. Be sure the email address you use to make the purchase is valid to insure that the instructions will be received via email.

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I reinstalled and now it will not accept my unlock code?

There could be a few reasons for this. Normally you can uninstall and reinstall as many times as you wish and it will continue to accept the unlock code. There are a few exceptions. First is that you may be trying to unlock a newer version than what your purchase allows. (Versions 1.4 and above require either a new purchase or an update purchase if your purchase was for an earlier version) Next is that you may be entering the unlock code incorrectly or may have generated the unlock code using the wrong system id. Another reason is that you may have made a major system change. If this occurs you may be able to generate another unlock code with the new system id by visiting the purchase page again and scrolling down to the link at the bottom. (Be sure to enter the new id and not the old one)

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