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TS2 Enhancer is a Character and Neighborhood Editor for editing attributes related to each in your The Sims™ 2 game. "The Sims™" 2 is a people simulation game created by Maxis™, an Electronic Arts™ Brand. As the name implies it is intended to Enhance your The Sims 2 gaming experience.
TS2 Enhancer

Here is a list of many of the features in TS2 Enhancer: Click Here to see more details in the User Guide Please note that as of version 2.0 the User Guide has been integrated into TS2 Enhancer as a full Help system which is much more detailed than the User Guide here. (I.E. The information below and in the User Guide still provides a reasonable overview of what is available however for more exhaustive details on the changes in the current version please refer to the internal help system instead)

bulletView characters in the game including the NPC (Non Playable Character) characters.
bulletBackup and restore neighborhoods. Each one dated for reference.
bulletChange Neighborhood Name, Description, and associated image.
bulletEdit Household Name, Description, and Money
bulletChange Character First Name, Last Name (Family Name), and Description (Bio).
bulletChange days remaining for Characters current life stage
bulletIncrease/Decrease Character Fitness and Gender Preferences.
bulletChange Personality
bulletAdjust Skills
bulletIncrease/Decrease Interests
bulletAspiration Reward Points
bulletJob, School, and Retired Job
bulletIncrease/Decrease relationships (Friend, Crush, Short Term, Long Term, etc.)
bulletView Family Trees.

The following are available in Advanced mode (Changes using these have either unknown or unusual effects during game play):

bulletAdvanced Relationship changes (Available, Engaged, Joined, etc)
bulletChange a characters Gender and Life Stage
bulletMove member in and out of Households

The following are planned in an upcoming release of TS2 Enhancer (Most of these have been confirmed doable but still require programming to complete):

bulletBuild/Edit Family Tree's
bulletAdd/Remove Character Blurring
bulletChanging character skins
bulletDelete Unwanted Characters
bulletEditing the Memories (Still pending location of the data)

Click here to view the TS2 Enhancer User Guide to see details on the enhancements included

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