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If you have previously purchased TS2 Enhancer (1.6 or earlier) then you may purchase the updated version at a special discount price of $7.95.

Note: This unlock code will not work with versions prior to version 2.0. (Use the previous purchase/unlock code for versions up to version 1.6)

To purchase TS2 Enhancer at the discounted Update price you will first need to verify your previous purchase. Please enter the Email Address and Invoice ID from your previous purchase below: (Note: The purchase must be for a previous full version purchase, a prior upgrade invoice will not be accepted)

Email Address used for purchase:
Invoice Number:

The email address required above will need to match the one in the Sims2 Programs purchase database for the purchase matching the invoice id. This will normally be the email address used for the original purchase but may also be a more recent email address if you have previously contacted me about getting a new unlock code.

The Invoice Number above is an invoice id attached to each purchase by this website. This Invoice ID is listed in the Purchase details for the purchase in the Paypal transaction details for the purchase. I.E. If you are looking up this purchase in your Paypal account then you will need first view the purchase and then select purchase details. The invoice id is also included in the Paypal purchase notification, the purchase notification from this website, and again in the unlock code email that is sent after an unlock code is generated. This amounts to 4 different places the invoice id can be obtained. Please do not send emails asking to locate your invoice id as I will not supply them even if I can locate them as I have no way to guarantee that your purchase is valid if you are unable to supply it.

Recognizing the invoice ID. The Invoice ID will always start with 4 digits followed by a dash. Usually these will be "TS2E-" This will be followed by a date series and then the unique ID for a total of 5 sections split by 4 dashes. It will look something like "TS2E-2005-1-1-12345" Please note that this is not a Paypal Transaction ID. (An ID consisting of several digits without any dashes that Paypal uses to track purchases) The Paypal transaction ids do not match for both the buyer and seller and therefore cannot be relied upon to verify the purchase.


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