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The Move In Button

This button requires both the Advanced setting and the Selected Household must also be different than the one where the selected character currently resides. For moving characters from household to household and for most NPC and Townie type characters the move in button can be used without any problems. Some of the NPC characters may cause game play issues though if they are moved in a household. In particular it seems that the Headmaster does not do well when moving into the household and under some circumstances even disables the build and buy buttons for the game. I would suspect that the social worker may also cause problems since people who have never used this program or modified the game in any way have had some problems caused with the social worker when they visited. (I've seen this first hand myself)

Before moving characters into the household it is a good idea to have a change of clothes ready for them beforehand and you should have them go to a mirror and use the "Change Appearance" option right after they arrive. It isn't necessary to actually make any changes but you will need to save. This will be especially important if they show up without a face. Otherwise they will walk around with a big hole in their head. If you move an NPC into a household with this then the game will generate a new NPC to take over their job and they will need to find a new job.

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