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The sliders throughout the program usually display the actual values stored in the data. Usually the range is from 0 to 1000. 500 would therefore indicate 5 bars in the game when it is displayed. To fine tune the levels you can use the Page Up and Page Down keys for larger adjustments (Often 50 or 10 depending on the range available) and can be fine tuned even further using the right and left arrow keys. (Usually this allows adjustment of 1 for each key press)


This is the Career path for Teens, Adults, and Elders.



These are the Jobs available in the selected career path from lowest to highest.


Job Hours

These are the hours the selected character will be asked to work during the days they work at the selected job.


Job Salary

This is the salary a character will bring home at the currently selected job.


Working Days

These are the days a character will be asked to work for the selected job.



This is the school for Children and Teens. They can either go to Public School or Private school.



For children and teens there performance is primarily based upon the grades they maintain. Higher grades help toward the Grow Up aspiration while lower grades will result in lost jobs for teens and visits from the social worker for children. Giving a child an "F" will normally result in an immediate visit from the social worker who will take the child away.


Retired Career

This indicates the Career path the selected character retired from if they are an Elder


Retired Job

This indicates the Job the selected character retired from if they are an Elder



This is the current job performance level for the selected character. Note: For Teens low grades can result in them to lose their job irregardless of this setting.


NPC Type

For NPC characters this displays the NPC type for the character. This is disabled by default. See the Advanced features for more information on this.



I haven't looked closely at this. It probably has one of the following effects in the game. First is that it may be the amount of money a retired character gets each day. (I don't even know yet if they actually do get anything on a daily basis) The second possibility that comes to mind is that it may be the money that is passed along to other characters when they die. If anyone plays around with this and can determine which is the case drop me an email to let me know so I can update it here.


Vacation Days

This is the number of days a character has available for vacation time. Each day a character works they earn part of a vacation day. Note: In the interest of maintaining the integrity of the underlying data for this field it may not respond as expected in some cases. For instance if you try to clear the field it will just put 0 back into it. If it detects an invalid keystroke then it may also reset back to 0.

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