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This setting will set the characters as going steady if they are Teens. Oddly enough it is also set when a Female Elder marries a younger Adult instead of the usual Married one. The assumption is that this setting allows them to be hitched so to speak but will not allow them to have children which during game play is not available in either situation.



This makes adults and elders Engaged which then removes this option from the proposal menu in the game. See the UnAvailable setting below as it also is normally effected by this setting.



This Marries or Joins two characters. Again this normally makes the Engaged and Married options UnAvailable in the interaction menu in the game. See the UnAvailable setting below.



This setting seems to be set under several situations. If characters get Engaged then all other character relationships will have this setting, If the age groups differ such that having children isn't an option then this setting is set between two characters, And it is also set between family members to prevent them from inappropriate actions. I.E. Removing it between Teen Siblings is likely to enable them to flirt with each other which would be inappropriate between family members.

These setting also do not cascade out to the other relationships so each one should be selected to add (or remove) the UnAvailable option when you use any of the 3 options above it if you also want that relationship to change in behavior. I.E. If you use the married option to break up a marriage and then want to have them marry a different character then the game might not allow it unless you first remove the UnAvailable option between the selected character and the character you want them to marry.



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