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The sliders throughout the program usually display the actual values stored in the data. Usually the range is from 0 to 1000. 500 would therefore indicate 5 bars in the game when it is displayed. To fine tune the levels you can use the Page Up and Page Down keys for larger adjustments (Often 50 or 10 depending on the range available) and can be fine tuned even further using the right and left arrow keys. (Usually this allows adjustment of 1 for each key press)


This is used to adjust the skill levels for the character which both effect what they are able to during normal daily routine plus they are used for job promotions.


Random Button

This can be used to give a character a random set of skills for variety during game play. After all very few of us can honestly say we posses high levels of all of these skills.


Max All Button

This can be used to raise all of the skill levels to the Maximum position all at once. Keep in mind that doing this will remove a characters desire to advance skill levels which in turn may cause them to lose their desire to do anything. Setting all of these to the maximum positions may therefore actually cause the character to be an idiot who can't do anything on their own.

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