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The sliders throughout the program usually display the actual values stored in the data. Usually the range is from 0 to 1000. 500 would therefore indicate 5 bars in the game when it is displayed. To fine tune the levels you can use the Page Up and Page Down keys for larger adjustments (Often 50 or 10 depending on the range available) and can be fine tuned even further using the right and left arrow keys. (Usually this allows adjustment of 1 for each key press)


Here you can select any of the Aspirations available for characters in the game. It may be worth noting that it is unknown what adverse effects in the game may result from setting this to the Unknown value (Which appears to remove any aspiration the character has) or from setting it to an aspiration that is not appropriate for their Life Stage. I.E. An adult can be given a Grow Up aspiration however it is not known how the game will react. When changing to new Aspiration it can take a day in the game for them to take effect. I.E. They may maintain the earlier wants and fears for the earlier aspiration until a change event such as waking up from sleeping occurs.


Aspiration Level

This is the aspiration level displayed by the game. It appears values under 200 are negative on the aspiration meter and the higher levels will give them the platinum mood. Values beyond 1200 here are ignored by the game which just reduces them back to 1200 so that is the highest range available.


Aspiration Score

This effects how well the aspiration level meter maintains its setting. Low levels here will result in the characters aspiration meter dropping at a fast rate while higher levels will cause it to drop slowly as time progresses in the game.


Aspiration Reward Points

These are the points the characters earn by fulfilling aspiration wants and needs. They are used for obtaining the special aspiration reward objects.

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