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The sliders throughout the program usually display the actual values stored in the data. Usually the range is from 0 to 1000. 500 would therefore indicate 5 bars in the game when it is displayed. To fine tune the levels you can use the Page Up and Page Down keys for larger adjustments (Often 50 or 10 depending on the range available) and can be fine tuned even further using the right and left arrow keys. (Usually this allows adjustment of 1 for each key press)


Original (Birth) Personality

This is the personality the character had when it is first created. It is unclear as to whether this effects game play in any way though.


Current Personality

This the the personality the character has now. In the game it is effected by older generations that can encourage younger generations to act in one manner or the other providing they also possess that trait. I.E. An Elder with a strong Neat personality can encourage the Neat personality in an Adult.


Random Button

The Random button creates a Random personality.


Max All Button

The Max all button raises the Personality to the maximum available for each trait. Beware though as this may have an adverse effect during game play. Instead of actually helping it may instead turn the characters into idiots that are unable to function without assistance.


Zodiac Sign

It is unclear as to whether the game uses this or the personality settings when determining attraction between characters. Using this to select the characters sign also sets the personality traits in both sections to the default settings for the selected sign. If you change the sign for a character this should be done prior to making any adjustments to the sliders above since it will replace whatever personality setting you previously made.

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