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Self Image

For the selected character this is the center of the Family Tree. Holding your mouse over this window will display the name of the selected character. There are not any interactions available in this window.


Parent and Spouse Images

This displays the Parents for the selected character and the spouse for the selected character. By double clicking any of the three images the selected character in TS2 Enhancer will change to that character. This allows navigation to any character to either view all branches of the family tree or when you wish to make changes to another character in the family tree elsewhere in TS2 Enhancer.


Children and Sibling drop down lists

This displays drop down lists of all of the children and siblings for the selected character. Selecting a character from either of these lists changes the selected character in TS2 Enhancer for the same reasons as those listed above. I.E. When put together with the spouse and parent image double clicks these allow navigation throughout an entire family tree.

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