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Household List

When this window is first opened or when a different character is selected this drop down will display the household where the selected character is located. If you use the drop down list it will also display all of the other households found in the selected neighborhood which can then be selected to make further changes..


Household Members

This drop down lists all of the members of the selected household. This is also a navigation point since you can select a member from the Household Name list and it will become the selected Character in TS2 Enhancer.


Household Name

This box allow you to change the name of the currently selected Household. Keep in mind that this will not change the Last (Family) name for the characters in the Household. The Sims 2 differs from the original game which used the Family Name as the Household Name requiring all members of the household to have the same last name. In this game the Household Name is attached to the Household but not the Characters so it is no longer a requirement that all of the household members have the same family name.


Household Description

This displays and can be used to change the description for each household that is displayed in the neighborhood when you select it.


Move In Button

This Button is not visible by default. To enable it the Advanced selection must be checked which will then allow the selected character to "Move In" another household. Please be sure to read the features guide regarding Advanced settings since moving some NPC characters into a household can have an adverse effect during game play under some situations.


Cash ($)

Pretty easy. Use this to change the amount of cash for the household. Keep in mind that the money display for each household in the neighborhood view is a household gross worth value that includes both the cash and the value of the household with contents. (It is the amount of cash they would have if they were to move out rather than the amount available for spending)


Family Friends

This just displays the number of Family friends the household had when it was last visited. This will not reflect any friends you have created using the Relationships window until after you visit that household in the game and then save it.

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