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The selection buttons are used to select each of the features available in the TS2 Enhancer. This area also displays an image of the currently selected character. Below this image is where you will find the save button (Only displayed after changes have been made) and the close button. If you close the program without saving none of the changes will be effective. (The exception is the neighborhood image which is replaced at the time it is changed)


Character images will be displayed in color for characters that still live in the neighborhood. For characters that are dead or who have been removed the characters will be in grayscale (black and white) instead of color.


Note: The character display shows the last thumbnail saved by the game for the character. (Presumably this is used for the family trees in the game after they are dead) The game does not always update this image at each life stage though. For characters where this occurs have the character go to a mirror in the game and chose the "Change Appearance" selection. You do not need to actually make any changes here but you must save when this window opens in the game for the image to be updated. This applies to all locations in the program where character images are displayed.


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